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The ASCEND Foundation (Anne Scandalios Cancer Ends Now Directive) was formed in February, 2001 as the result of Anne's battle against breast cancer. Determined to beat the disease, Anne and her husband Nick spent thousands of hours researching and visiting doctors to educate themselves about cancer, the relationship with diet and environment and cancer, and cancer prevention.

Through their research, they were shocked to learn staggering statistics such as we are losing nearly 600,000 American lives each year to cancer. To put that into perspective, 60,000 Americans lives were lost during the entire Vietnam War. We are losing ten times the number of people who died in Vietnam each and every year to cancer. And the number of cancer diagnoses continue to increase each year. What is causing this increase and what can be done to decrease if not eliminate cancer all together?

Anne and Nick Scandalios wanted to make a difference. They wanted to educate people about cancer, expose inadequacies in our current system and empower people to prevent and eradicate cancer once and for all. It was Annie's full intention to reach out to people across the country to inform them of the true facts about cancer and to enlist the help of leaders in our society to let people know that cancer is not an unavoidable part of life. Yes, treatments for cancer have dramatically improved over the years, but why wait to get cancer before acting? Act now and take personal responsibility for avoiding the disease in the first place.


Annie's Archives

The story of ASCEND begins with Anne Scandalios, an energetic and vivacious personality who always displayed a true joy of life.


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