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Date: July 22, 2010

ASCEND Foundation Launches Cancer Companion Program for Children

Charleston, SC ó The ASCEND Cancer Foundation today announced plans for a new Cancer Companion Program, a creative new tool to help children cope with cancer and to empower caregivers with a means to discuss the disease with children. Working with leaders in the Charleston County School District, the ASCEND Cancer Foundation recognized a void in the education system that would help educate children on Cancer.

The Foundationís Cancer Companion Program, to be launched at MUSC on Monday, September 13, includes an educational storybook, Champís Story, combined with a stuffed toy dog, Champ the Golden Retriever. By placing a companion in the hands of a child, ASCEND hopes to provide comfort, reassurance and companionship. The beautifully illustrated story book, Champís Story, tells the story of one childís devotion as his best friend suffers with cancer.

A national epidemic, Cancer will affect almost 600,000 Americans this year. At the current time there are no health programs in schools that discuss this disease. Cancer is a leading cause of death yet most schools do not teach or offer coping methods, make children aware of the disease, or teach preventative methods in schools. Cancer not only affects the person battling the disease, but it affects siblings, children, and friends.

In addition to the Cancer Companion Program, ASCEND hopes to increase the education on the dangers and risks of cigarette smoking, high consumption of saturated fat and calorie-dense foods, limited protection of sun exposure or the use of indoor tanning, and reduced physical activity in children and adults. Education about what can cause Cancer and awareness that you can prevent some types of Cancer alone could reduce Cancer related illness.

The ASCEND Foundation is raising funds for the Cancer Companion Program through donations and with proceeds from the upcoming Golf Tournament to be held on Monday, September 13,2010 at the Cassique Golf Course on Kiawah Island. To play in this tournament, you can sign up as a four-some $2,000 inlcudes signage, and hole sponsorship. The ASCEND Foundation hopes to raise enough funds to provide Cancer Companions to Low Country schools, as well as to childrenís Oncology Centers and Cancer Camps in the Charleston area and beyond.

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